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A Classic Solitaire ring with a family story

My client’s brief from our initial telephone conversation was to source a 2.00 carat round brilliant cut somewhere between G-H colour/VS-SI1 clarity on a GIA certificate with a view to have a classic solitaire ring created for his wife. Both clients met with me shortly afterwards and I had prepared in advance four brilliant cuts […]

The record breaking diamonds of 2014

With auction fever slowing down, the auction houses  can stand back and recover  from the staggering realised prices for rare fancy coloured diamonds throughout the year. The message is loud and clear that demand for exceptional rarity exceeds supply of these truly magnificent Collectors Gems. I have collated in date order the fancy coloured record […]

Refresh and Redesign Vintage Jewellery and Heirlooms

Do you have diamonds, gemstones and old vintage jewellery  gathering dust in your jewellery box? If you do, why not sort them out and let me have a look at them and I can redesign vintage jewellery and will come up with some design ideas for you. Damaged diamonds and gemstones can be unset, recut, re-polished and […]

Jewellery Valuations

When did you last value your jewellery? Is it properly insured? You will doubtless have purchased jewellery for either bridal wear, a commitment piece to celebrate a milestone, a lifestyle purchase for occasional wear or may have some jewellery bequeathed by a close relative. I am sure you really love wearing your engagement and matching […]

Cleaning and Care of Your Jewellery

Love your jewellery! How poor cleaning and a lack of care can lead to ruin! I have seen rings deformed owing to dumbbell training in the gym and precious metals and gemstones damaged due to heavy housework and gardening in my time as a jewellery expert! A topical issue at the moment, especially with the […]

Bespoke Jewellery, Accessible by All

The definition of bespoke according to Wikipedia is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. “Custom-made”, “made to order”, “made to measure” and sometimes “hand-made” are near-synonyms.. The word bespoke is derived from the verb to bespeak, to “speak for something”, in the specialised meaning “to give order for it to be made” or commission. Specific uses we […]

Events: The Gemstone Collection at the Natural History Museum

The Gemstone Collection at The Natural History Museum is one of the finest in the world. It is the National Collection, and heirloom of generations, to be inherited by future generations and enjoyed by all. If you have the time as the evenings draw in or before the Christmas shopping, take a look. The Collection […]

Buy a Diamond and Pay for Your Holiday, by The Telegraph

Against expert advice, Edward Bishop heads to South Africa and saves a small fortune on a precious stone When I asked Graham Tom about buying a diamond in South Africa he looked worried. I didn’t know if this was because he was pondering the proposition in general, or simply trying to imagine how I – […]

Valentine’s Day: Facts & Folklore

Every February 14th in many places around the world, gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. Mystery and confusion surrounds who actually is St Valentine. Three different saints named Valentine are recognised by the Catholic Church and all these saints are martyred on this particular day. One of the […]

Points to consider when buying fancy coloured diamonds

The following are some Points to consider when buying a fancy coloured diamond. In terms of popularity and accessibility, fancy colour yellow diamonds are easily accessible in most colour saturations and sizes. Fancy pink and blue diamonds are popular and available in sizes up to 0.50ct and with limited availability in strong saturation colours up […]