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The record breaking diamonds of 2013

It has been a truly remarkable year for diamond auctions and we look at the record breaking diamonds of 2013. Looking back to the beginning of 2013, could we have predicted that, in just 12 months, so many record-breaking diamonds would go under the hammer? It was clear from the sale of the Beau Sancy […]

Victoria & Albert Museum

You may have missed the Pearls exhibition but The V&A (Victoria & Albert) has one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of jewellery in the World. Over 3,000 jewels tell the story of jewellery in Europe from ancient times to the present day; from a great gold Celtic breastplate to medieval love rings and […]

London’s Lost Jewels

If you get the opportunity to go before April, The Museum of London has a major new exhibition investigating the secrets of The Cheapside Hoard. This extraordinary and priceless collection of late 16th and early 17th century jewels and gemstones – displayed in its entirety for the first time for a century – was discovered […]

Versatility: Diamond hooped earrings with detachable pink sapphire and diamond drops

Commissions occasionally arrive by phone call from exotic locations. This client in the Caribbean had viewed some synthetic Alexandrite earrings and asked if I could supply natural Alexandrites. These stones have extraordinary optical properties. They change colour in different light; green in daylight and pink to red or mauve with soft, warm light. Natural stones […]

Vintage: a brilliant cut diamond & emerald ring

  Sometimes I receive a very clear and personal brief. This commission required a vintage style engagement ring with a stunning centre focus, on a very good colour, clarity & cut of diamond and an accent of emerald in a platinum setting.  Keeping all these factors in mind, my designs took the brief literally to […]

What you need to know when buying Fancy Coloured Diamonds

For every 10,000 carats of all diamonds that are cut, a mere one carat may possess a fancy colour. The rarity of fancy colour diamonds coupled with their resilience to adverse economic climates has seen demand increase for private collectors for asset accumulation and institutional investors for mid/long term appreciation. Since price tracking began 35 […]

The 4C’s: Variables governing value of diamond

The 4C’s are a common standard in the diamond and jewellery industry representing Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight. They were introduced by De Beers over 50 years ago to help consumers understand the value of a diamond. Cut Cut is a term used twofold to either describe the shape of a diamond or the […]

Platinum or 18 carat White Gold Jewellery?

  Over the last 10 years demand for platinum jewellery has surged dramatically. I am always asked by clients, what is the difference between platinum and white gold and their benefits at design stage for bridal, anniversary or lifestyle jewellery. To summarise, I will explain the properties of both metals including purity, weight, colour, durability […]

The Impact of Fluorescence in Diamonds

If you have bought a diamond or are considering buying a diamond for the first time, you may have read varying reports that fluorescence can either enhance or devalue the diamond. Fluorescence is defined as the visible light some diamonds emit when exposed to long wave ultraviolet lighting (UV). The colour emitted with a diamond […]

Rare Pink and Blue Diamonds..the next asset class for investment portfolios?

The financial collapse in 2008 significantly reduced the value of investment portfolios and with the downturn, the equity, bonds and housing markets plummeted and certain commodities started to fall out of favour with the savvy investor. I have witnessed clients turning to alternative investment platforms such as Historical Artefacts, Fine Wines and Gold included in their […]

Are Diamonds becoming a Commodity?

The increase in transparency of diamond pricing offered on varying diamond trading platforms, the increase in demand for diamonds for bridal jewellery and investment from High Net Worth individuals from China, Russia and India coupled with a definitive decline in mining production,  may lead you to believe that diamonds are turning into a hard commodity. […]