Bespoke Jewellery

Redesigning Vintage Jewellery & Repairs

Do you have heirlooms gathering dust or tired pieces of vintage jewellery with gemstones missing? Have you ever wished you could have these pieces refreshed or redesigned into a more contemporary design or recreate a vintage style setting?

Diamonds and gemstones over decades can be easily damaged, old mounts will often have claws missing and often very worn setting edges.

Remodelling vintage jewellery into new, takes skill and good design. I can present design options and refresh your jewellery into a more contemporary look or simply recreate your old piece and emulate your vintage style mount.

Solutions available include:

  • Recutting diamonds and repolishing gemstones to suit new mount.
  • A new bespoke mount may be the best option rather than work with existing mount.
  • A full design service is available.
  • Old mounts can be recycled and reused for your new piece of jewellery.
  • A full repair service is available and will happily check and advise on all mounts.

Repaired Mount

Remounted Old Cut Stones

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