Consultancy Solutions for Collectors and Investors

Are you looking for gemstones to add to your collection or are you seeking some unusual specimen gemstones? Are you looking at diversifying your portfolio, purchasing diamonds or gemstones as a potential store of value? Do you want advice on selling your existing collection of gemstones? Do you want your portfolio of gemstones valued for potential sale?

We can offer a full consultancy, brokerage and valuation service for all diamonds and gemstones, including:

  • Valuations of loose diamonds, gemstones and all gem set jewellery.
  • The sale of a portfolio of diamonds or gemstones via select auction houses with competitive premiums available for sellers.
  • Education of colourless, fancy colour diamonds and gemstones: including the 4C’s, rarity and desirability.
  • Advice and brokerage of diamonds and gemstones with access to primary sources including diamond polishers and wholesalers.
  • Peace of mind when buying diamonds and gemstones with accompanying GIA reports and gemstones with SSEF, Gubelin and GRS reports.
  • Bespoke jewellery services including designing, mounting and setting fine diamonds and gemstones.

Important advice for collectors and investors

  • The gemstone and diamond market in the UK is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Please seek independent financial advice for any significant gemstone and diamond purchase.
  • The diamond and gemstone market is illiquid for any exit strategy other than auction house, private sale or sale within industry.
  • Valuations of diamonds and gemstones can vary significantly depending on the purpose of the valuation.
  • Avoid boiler house scams offering investment diamonds and ensure due diligence is completed prior to any commitment.
  • Only buy diamonds or gemstones from reputable wholesalers or brokers who are as close to the primary source as possible; retailers at the end of the supply chain can have significant mark ups on cost of sale.

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