Teaching Short Courses

Have you ever been intrigued to learn and understand the origin and properties of a diamond? Have you wanted the opportunity to grade diamonds and understand the importance of the make of a diamond and the other 4C’s? Or quite simply to identify the difference between synthetic, simulant and natural diamond?

Have you wondered how gemstones are formed and how to identify gemstones from their optical properties? Do you understand durability and how if affects gemstones set in jewellery? Could you identify a synthetic gemstone from it’s natural counterpart?

My Diamond Grading and Gemstone Studies short courses are designed with content led modules which will enable you to benefit from knowledge and practical experience and gain further insight into the diamond and jewellery industry. Both trade and clients working in both the public and private sector have improved their knowledge from my courses and some have taken their passion and hobby to another level and are now buying and selling diamonds and gemstones independently.

In partnership with Holts Jewellery Academy in Hatton Garden for the last four years, I now deliver various short courses which can be completed over a weekend. There are numerous courses throughout the academic year for you to choose and work within your schedule. For further information please click on the links to the right or email me.

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