Jewellery Design & Creation

Have you ever wished or dreamed of having a piece of jewellery designed for yourself or your loved one that will focus and maximise the impact of your diamond or gemstone? Would you like to customise a piece of jewellery to your own individual requirement and be involved in the creative process?

We have advised, designed and created bespoke jewellery for clients for over 30 years, starting in the formative years with true bespoke handmade jewellery to the state of art technology services of our CAD/CAM value-driven jewellery made in our workshop in London.

Our Bespoke Jewellery

Once you have chosen your focal ideal diamond or gemstone the Design Experience begins. You may have a particular design in mind for your partner or need advice how best to maximise the impact of your diamond or gemstone. At Graham Tom, we will advise the best way forward to create your ideal design.

If you require a ring designed, our design solutions to create your ideal jewellery piece starts off with some sketches of the ring which may require additional stones set to a halo or half band. We then create a brief of ideal ring for purpose of employing my bespoke CAD services in my workshop.

Your artwork for ring will be sent to you for approval as four small projection drawings. Your ring can be amended at this stage and subject to your approval we then move forward to creating your piece via our CAM print software.

When the ring has been assembled you have the option to come in and have a fitting of the ring. This opportunity facilitates peace of mind as there are finishes we can employ before final presentation of your ideal ring.

The process takes up to three weeks and your ring will be packaged in a beautiful leather box.

If you require creation of a handmade item in lieu of our CAD services, please do contact Graham Tom for a handmade quotation which will be created by our in-house Goldsmith.

Creative Solutions

Our bespoke jewellery design and creation service will offer you customised solutions for any jewellery design you have in mind. We can advise and offer you professional expertise and ensure your choice of diamond and gemstone takes centre stage.

The Design Experience
  • The design experience commences after you have chosen your ideal diamond or gemstone.
  • We will discuss an initial design direction, then we will customise your design, look at the choice of metals and additional stones.
  • Once the brief is finalised, technical artwork is presented to you for approval.
  • Your jewellery piece will then be created in our workshop culminating in a beautifully crafted piece of jewellery to treasure for years to come.