Sale of Pre-Owned Jewellery

At Graham Tom, we offer a discreet service for Pre-owned Jewellery. There is always demand for beautifully created jewellery set with diamonds and gemstones, and dependent on the condition of your items whether in very good condition or fair condition are very important in terms of value. If you have looked after your items of property whether items have been inherited or are no longer serving a former purpose, we can offer a route to market.

The attributes of diamonds and gemstones are significant and not only include the weight of gemstone but also the beauty of colour, inclusions, lustre and optical phenomenon effects. Durability is an important variable with the ability of gemstone resistance to wear and tear, fracture and chemical stability. If your gemstone attribute has rarity in terms of origin, the value can be very significant.

We can offer two routes to market including the auction houses and the trade. We have historical relationships with the main auction houses in London and also the local auction houses. The benefit we offer you are low commission sellers fees which are significantly lower than what you would be charged if you were to approach auction houses direct.

We have long term relationships with the Second Hand market where there are specialist buyers always looking for beautifully made pieces of jewellery. The benefit of selling to specialist buyers direct is that you will avoid sellers commissions which would be charged at the auction houses.

If you are considering selling pre – owned items of jewellery that are in reasonable condition, then please do contact us and we will explain which route you could benefit from subject to viewing all items of property. We will then endeavour to work with you to realise the best offer possible.

For further information and inquiries, please contact us