Diamond and Gemstone Brokerage

For centuries, diamonds have been widely known as the universal symbol of eternal love and commitment. Gifting a diamond to express your love and commitment to your partner should be a celebratory and joyous occasion and your emotional purchase should be an experience offering both of you pleasure and happiness. However for the untrained novice, the diamond buying experience can raise hesitancy and indecision.

The growth of diamond and jewellery e-commerce sites over the last decade has provided transparency of diamond pricing and offered information about the 4C’s, Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight, the variables governing the value of diamond. With the education readily available, would you be confident and understand the true value of the diamond you are buying?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • You are thinking about buying a 1.75 carat cushion shaped diamond with measurements similar to a 2.00 carat cushion shaped diamond.
  • Would you understand the ideal proportions that make an excellent cut of cushion diamond, in view the cut grade will not be listed on a GIA report.
  • You have viewed online a round brilliant cut on a GIA diamond report D colour and SI1 clarity, and are considering buying the stone.
  • How do you know if the inclusions impact on the diamond’s brilliance without viewing the stone?
  • Are you aware why medium blue fluorescence can both impact or enhance an H colour diamond?
  • Do you have peace of mind your diamond has been ethically sourced and is compliant with the Kimberley Process?
  • With the opacity and variance of diamond pricing across branded jewellery houses, high street retailers and e-commerce sites, are you confident with the store value of your diamond?
  • When asking your jeweller a specific question regarding the 4 C’s, are you given a satisfactory answer or does it feel more like sales talk?

We offer a completely transparent service and would welcome any questions or concerns you may have with your choice of diamond or gemstone. Contact us today and we would be delighted to assist you.