Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Graham Tom is an Associate Member of the Academy of Experts and can provide specialist Expert Witness reports in all matters relating to diamonds, gemstones, jewellery design and manufacture and watches.

Expert Witness reports can be provided for all of the above specialism for legal cases involving jewellery for both Civil and Criminal cases. Audit reports can also be provided for accounting firms for purpose of validation of stock.

We have undertaken instructions from Solicitors, City of London Police, Law Enforcement Agencies, Forensic Companies and Private Clients.

What is an Expert Witness

An Expert Witness can be anyone with knowledge or experience of a particular field or discipline beyond that to be expected of a layman. The Expert Witness’s duty is to give to the Court or tribunal an impartial opinion on particular aspects of matters within his expertise which are in dispute. For further information please read this article.
What is an Expert Witness

Client Instruction

It is important to be clear as to what your requirements are when selecting the appropriate expert. You should consider the following:
Academic qualifications, Membership of Professional bodies, Previous experience and relevant work as an expert witness, Accreditation as an expert witness, Geographic location, Relevant training as an expert witness.

It is also important to check that an expert witness has proper professional indemnity insurance.

In event of litigation for first-time clients, a clear client instruction is essential and in event clarity of instruction is unclear Graham Tom can assist and facilitate a clear, concise instruction.


Appointments of Experts are either Single Joint or Party Appointed.

The Civil Procedure Rules stress the desirability, particularly in smaller claims, for the parties to agree on and appoint a single expert rather than each party appointing its own. The aim is to reduce cost and increase the efficiency of expert testimony.

A Single Joint Expert is an expert instructed to prepare a report for the Court on behalf of two or more of the parties including the claimant to the proceedings.

Just like a Party Appointed Expert, the Single Joint Expert’s duty is to help the court on matters within their expertise and this overrides any obligation to the person from whom the expert has received instructions or by whom he is paid. Single Joint Experts should maintain independence, impartiality and transparency at all times.

What is an Expert Report

The purpose of an Expert’s Report is to set out the Expert’s opinion on matters within his expertise that he has been instructed to report on.

The ultimate use of the Report is to inform the court on matters outside its expertise and on which it has to reach a decision in order to resolve the dispute before it.

In addition to the court’s use, the Report will also inform the instructing party and its lawyers on technical matters to enable them to determine the strength of their legal case. During the preparation for the Hearing it will be disclosed to the other side in the dispute thus helping them to assess the strength of their own legal case. Should the other side have their own Expert Witness, a copy of their Expert’s Report will be given to you at the same time as they receive your Expert’s Report.
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