Points to consider when buying fancy coloured diamonds

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The following are some Points to consider when buying a fancy coloured diamond.

In terms of popularity and accessibility, fancy colour yellow diamonds are easily accessible in most colour saturations and sizes. Fancy pink and blue diamonds are popular and available in sizes up to 0.50ct and with limited availability in strong saturation colours up to 1.00 carat. These colours become very rare in stone sizes above 1.00 carat and pricing reflects the scarcity of these stones.

Green, orange, purple and red fancy colours are the rarest and pricing of these stones in sizes above 1.00 carat can reach several million dollars per carat.

The value of a fancy colour diamond is assessed by the rarity of the colour, the intensity of the colour and the size of the fancy coloured diamond. Clarity and Cut also factor in the value of a Fancy Coloured Diamond, but are not as important as the other three attributes.