I want to buy my partner a ring but have no idea of her finger size, what do I do?

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This is a typical question I have to address with him when it comes to designing a ring for her as finger sizing is very important because if a ring size is too big or too small, ring will either slide round, slip off or will feel tight and uncomfortable to wear. The solution is to establish what hand and what finger, ring should sit and have the correct sizing at the design stage of ring. If finger sizing is unknown, there are some solutions from the simple to the extreme. Have a read.

Ask a friend or ask her family

Asking a friend to help by letting her try on one of her best friend’s engagement, eternity or dress ring to see if the diamonds or gemstones suit her finger shape. Her friend may have a similar finger size so this could be a start and could provide a solution without letting the cat out of the bag. If you try asking her family then the cat really is out of the bag as if you have been together a while her parents and siblings may start talking and your partner may be congratulated without an inkling of what is going on!

Borrow’ her ring for the day without her knowing

This solution is very popular with clients as she may have some favorite rings she wears daily or on a rotation basis. This would require some detective work with critical timing. Make sure she has gone to work for day so you can borrow ring for the day and take to your local jeweller for sizing. Do ensure ring is returned to original place where you located it on same day as otherwise she will notice something is amiss!

When your partner has popped out for the weekly shop, find a piece of paper and a fine (micro) pen with 0.5mm nib and pull out from jewellery box a ring she wears on correct finger. Then place ring on paper and draw the outline of inside diameter of ring as per illustration above. Please ensure inside diameter and NOT circumference. Your local jeweller can then measure internal diameter which should be fairly accurate. It must be the right finger for this to work as there can be a differential of half to two sizes for same finger on other hand!

Gauge her finger size against your finger size

This solution can work but not always as is dependent on size of your finger! Again, action this when she is not at home. You can pop her ring on one of your fingers and then go to your local jeweller who can size relevant finger. Quite often her engagement finger size emulates your pinkie finger but not if you are small or heavy handed!

Size her finger when she is asleep

This solution is guaranteed to work only if your partner is a heavy sleeper! You can buy online here from Amazon a plastic finger sizer for a few pounds and then slide sizer on her finger when she really is in land of nod! DO NOT TRY THIS IF SHE IS A LIGHT SLEEPER as if she wakes up she may get a fright!

A client of mine this Summer actioned this solution with a great result with an accurate finger sizing and she really was a deep sleeper! Have a look at photo below, she never felt a thing!


Rings come in all differing widths of metal ranging from 1.50mm considered narrow width to 10.00mm + for large cocktail rings. Please note that greater widths of metal will mean ring will sit tighter on finger than a narrow width of metal.

Sizing of fingers can vary seasonally as the warmer summer weather can make finger swell and in winter with cold weather, fingers can shrink and ring can loosen.

Best solution is to ask your local jeweller for advice and in event you try any of above solutions and ring does not fit and sit comfortably, your local jeweller should offer a 24 hour ring sizing service.