Contemporary: An Asscher cut & step cut shoulder diamond ring

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Taking a brief from ‘a platinum ring with an Asscher cut diamond centre stone with shoulder stones, that would be contemporary, unique and have flow’ to finished ring in 6 weeks was a challenge. My client could not decide on a choice of shoulder stones to enhance the centre diamond, suggesting either Tanzanite gemstones or Princess cut diamonds.  As the Asscher cut was step cut, I advised we stick to step cut shoulder stones not Princess mixed cut diamonds which are cut differently and appear incongruous with step cut diamonds. I also advised against Tanzanites because of its poorer wear properties and sizing issues.  When set as shoulder stones, they would detract from the centre diamond and would appear  flat with little colour. I recommended and laid out a pair of Trapezoid diamonds and tapering baguettes to compliment a D/VS1 Asscher cut diamond to centre. My client agreed and after the two pairs were trimmed by a diamond polisher for a perfect match, the CAD design became the real ring very quickly.

Result: a stunning contemporary ring and a very happy client in six weeks!