Versatility: Diamond hooped earrings with detachable pink sapphire and diamond drops

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Commissions occasionally arrive by phone call from exotic locations. This client in the Caribbean had viewed some synthetic Alexandrite earrings and asked if I could supply natural Alexandrites. These stones have extraordinary optical properties. They change colour in different light; green in daylight and pink to red or mauve with soft, warm light. Natural stones are very rare and I pointed out that they would be expensive and difficult to source. A budget was decided and the importance of a match discussed, as the client’s wife wanted a strong pink colour to compliment other jewellery I had previously designed.  I suggested rich pink sapphires as a solution for the choice of stone and also recommended I design earrings with diamonds, to be multi functional where they can be worn during day or evening/formal occasions. I presented the pink sapphires and his wife loved the pair and really liked the idea of two options of wear either as hoops or with pendant as an attachment. I sketched the design and was careful with the size of diamonds to not detract from the centre sapphires.

Result:  a pair of versatile earrings to compliment other pieces of jewellery which can all be worn as a collection. Two very happy clients!